nine things curing my depression.

mercury was in retrograde in 2019 until march 28, yet i still find myself ruminating in setbacks, self-doubt, loneliness, and negativity. there are two possibilities to this:

  1. bonafide depression.

  2. mercury is actually still in retrograde and this is just a cruel april fools joke.

i’m going with the latter.

these are some things helping me cope with this astrological time of hardship:

  1. these animal vines ↬ so many heckin good bois and gurls.
    my personal favorites are the goat at 0:59, the cat at 1:29, the cat at 3:47, the goat at 4:27, the bat at 6:47, the kitten at 6:55, the good boi at 8:25, the little one at 9:30, the other little one at 9:43, and the pizza boi at 10:05.

  2. interacting with live human beings ↬ winning battles against introverted tendencies is the ultimate feat.

  3. billie eilish ↬ lots of billie eilish.

  4. sunshine ↬ gettin’ the d—vitamin d.

  5. therapy ↬ you are entitled to ask for help when you need it (s/o to my therapist who has graciously handled my moodiness and laughed at my jokes).

  6. guided meditations ↬ one of the few times i like being told what to do.
    for this, i use headspace (it’s $10/month for students!). i’ve customized the app to send me daily reminders to breathe. i’ve also customized the app to send me three “mindful moments” a day, which remind me to be mindful and present and keep me somewhat emotionally stable.

  7. puzzles ↬ many sudoku and NYT crossword puzzles were completed this month. i am neither sophisticated nor older enough for AARP.

  8. cleaning ↬ clean room=clean mind, body, and soul.

  9. this playlist ↬ my pride and joy at the moment is this spotify playlist i created (with the help of a friend) that gets me through morning rush hour. find it below: